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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Zucchino


Zucca has a very important stock in Sardinia, but there is also one in Turin and in Milan and Pavia, Zuccatosta, absolutely rare, would seem typical of Ancona, Zucchetti is typical of the triangle Milan, Bergamo, Cremona, Zucchi is typical of Lombardy and Emilia, Zucchini is very widespread in the Centronord, especially in Emilia and in Perugia, Zucchino, extremely rare, it would appear from the high Piedmont and Savona area, Zucco could have a stock in Turin and Cuneo, one in the Udine area and one in the Reggio area, Zuccon is typically Venetian, from Vicenza, Treviso and Venice, Zuccone has a stock in Novara and Vercelli and one in Neapolitan, Zucconi is typical of the belt that includes southern Lombardy, Emilia, Tuscany, Marche, Umbria and Lazio, Zuccotti is typical of the south of Milan and cremasco, Zuccotto, very rare, is typical of Isola della Scala (VR) and Verona, all derive directly or through hypocoristic nicknames related to the word pumpkin, almost always understood as For this purpose, we have an example in a deed dated 1376 to Gromo (BG): "... Petercinus dictus. Zuchotus de Coduris de Ripis de Gandellino ... ", in some cases it is also possible to derive from names of localities such as Zuccone in Bergamo or similar. Supplements provided by Giuseppe Concas ZUCCA: tsùcca, tzùcca, zùcca = pumpkin. From Italian. In Latin we have the voices cucutia (late Latin) and cucurbita. In this respect linguists make confusion.The vocabulary of the Italian language TRECCANI under the heading gourd follows: from the late Latin cucutia, see cocuzza. Latin by Ferruccio Calonghi (among the best in Italy), we find the word cucutia, fruit unknown to us (sic). While the word cucurbit corresponds to pumpkin, which we in Campidano call crocorìga, which is the true Sardinian word for pumpkin (from cucurbita ) In the Sardinian language instead cucutia è sa cugutzua = the fruit of the wild thistle, which has nothing to do with pumpkin> crocorìga. In short on the word pumpkin, in the various vocabularies there is a lot of confusion! the surname Zucca was found in the ancient documents of the language and history of Sardinia, at least in those we consulted. It is likely that the pumpkin surname is not of Sardinian origin, but of Lombard or Piedmontese origin, in whose regions it is widespread. We do not know exactly when he arrived in Sardinia, in whose language, as already mentioned, the word pumpkin does not exist, but crocorìga or corcorìga from the Latin cucurbita. Currently the surname Zucca is present in 627 Italian Municipalities, of which 138 in Sardinia: Cagliari 276, Serramanna 118, Oristano 101, Quartu 100, Villaurbana 82, Sinnai 76, etc. in the peninsula it is Milan with 300, to have the highest number; follow: Rome 151, Turin 123, Trieste 114, etc. The last name Zucca is also present in 25 American States (USA), with greater diffusion in the States of New York, California, Florida.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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