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Coat of arms of family Infante Nobles: Portugal - Brasil -Espanha
Nobility: Senhores - Cavalleiros
Language of the text: Portugûes

Coat of arms of family Infante Nobles: España - Portugal (Andalucía)
Nobility: Señores - Caballeros
Language of the text: Español

Sánchez Infante
Coat of arms of family Sánchez Infante Nobles: España (Villamañán (León))
Nobility: Señores - Caballeros - Familia Noble
Language of the text: Español

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Coat of arms of family Infante Nobles: Italia
Nobility: Nobili
Language of the text: Italiano

Coat of arms of family

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En campo de oro, cinco águilas de sable, puestas en sotuer.

ref: 884835

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Écartelé, aux 1 et 4, de gueules, à la tour d'argent, ajourée et maçonnée de sable, aux 2 et 3, de sinople, au casque d'argent, ouvert, posé de profil, surmonté d'une fleur-de-lys d'or. Casque de trois-quarts d'argent, garni d'or avec lambrequins d'argent, de gueules, d'or et de sinople. Cimier: un lion de gueules issant, chargé d'une fleur-de-lys d'or, et portant un casque d'argent, ouvert.

ref: 884836

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Os que procedem de Diogo Nunes usam as armas de Sobrinho , por alliança; outros, as dos Lopes.

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Infante is typical of the south, of Campania, Puglia and of the Cosenza area, Infanti is decidedly Friulian, Infantini, very rare, has a stock in Camerota (SA) and one in Lecce, Infantino is typically Sicilian and of the Reggio area, with strains also in Basilicata and in Campania, they should all, directly or through hypocorisms, derive from nicknames formed around the medieval Latin word infans (small child, literally not yet able to speak), in some cases it is a surname attributed to an abandoned child.

Bibliographic source "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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