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Cacciola is typical of south-eastern Sicily, of Messina and Catania, with strains also in Calabria, in particular in the Reggio, Naples and Caserta and in the Roman and Latin regions, Caccioli, very very rare, is specific of the Parma Apennines, of Borgo Val of Taro in particular, it could also perhaps derive from the toponym Cacciola in the Reggio area, Cacciolo, extremely rare, typically Sicilian, is specific to Patti in the Messina area, Caciola is typical of the Viterbo area, Viterbo and Vetralla, Caciolla is typical of Orvieto in the Terni area, Cacioli it is decidedly Tuscan, from Arezzo and from Arezzo, with a stock also in Florence, Caciolli is typical of the Florentine area, of Prato, in particular of Florence, Campi Bisenzio, Scandicci and Prato, Caciolo is typical of the Anusan frusinate and of Rome, all these surnames should derive from the profession of cheese maker (cheese) or be working in a caciolaio (room used for the production of cheese), but it is also possible, in alc in some cases a derivation from the Latin personal name Cassiolus, a hypocoristic in use at the Gens Cassia, traces of these surnames of which we find in Spello (PG) in the second half of 1100 with Blessed Andreas Caccioli (or Cacciola), spiritual guide of Saint Chiara of Assisi, in the second half of the 1200s in the Pisan area with a certain Iacobus Caciolus mentioned among the Elders of the city of Pisa, in 1391 in Gubbionel Perugino among the recordings of the Monastery of San Pietro we read: "... Die XV dicti mensis, hora causarum. Supradictus Iohannes, publicus bayulus et nuntius suprascriptus, vadens (fol. 74v) et rediens, relulit dicto St. Vicar, sedent etc., et mihi, Notary infrascripto, se ivisse et fratrem Gregorium Manni Caccioli, fratrem dicti loci et syndicum ipsorum fratrum et loci predicti, ad hec specialiter constitutum ... ". additions provided by Giovanni Cacciola the surname Cacciola could derive from the Latin cassis (hunting string or net of the hunter) and from olus (herbage, vegetables), would indicate, if so the hunts practiced by the farmhouses or a cultivated hunting area: the cacciola family's weapon is a confirmation of this: from the silver eagle to blue Cacciola is also the name of an ancient fiefdom of the XIIth century, where the locality of the same name rises, a fiefdom destined for hunting in the Middle Ages A Giovanni Giacomo Cacciola was senator of Messina in 1232, Jacopo held the same office in 1322.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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