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Etymological origin of Italian surname: Ennas


Enna is well attested in Sardinia in Alghero, Sassari and Ozieri in the Sassari area, in Oristano, Riola Sardo, Tramatza, Baratili San Pietro, Milis and Bonarcado in the Oristano area and in Macomer in the Nuoro area, Ennas has a stock in San Gavino Monreale in the Middle Campidano , one in Cagliari, Quartu Sant'Elena and Selargius in Cagliari and in Narcao, Sant'Antioco, Carbonia and Portoscuso in the carboniense, Enne, typically Sardinian, has a stock in the Nuorese to Bolotana and Ottana and one to Iglesias, should derive from a nickname originated from the Sardinian word ènna (door), perhaps attributed to a founder who by profession produced doors. Enna also has a Sicilian lineage that probably takes its name from the city of Enna. additions provided by Giuseppe Concas ENNA; ENNAS: enna, genna, jenna are the campidanesi exits of yanna, ianna, janna = porta, from the Latin ianua. In its variants it is very frequent as a toponym in the whole territory of Sardinia. Gennarju or Ennarju is the first month of the year (January), the door to the new year. (Sa) genna o (s') enna here in Campidano, sa yanna, sa ianna or sa janna, in other parts of Sardinia it is also the name given to the pass, mostly of mountain: Genn''e Muxerru; Genn''Mirrata; Genn''Edali; Genn''e Frufuris; Genn'e and Genepì; Genn''Iau; Genn''e Toguru and many others, are the mountain passes of Monte Linas. It is also present with certain frequency, always as a toponym, in ancient documents of the language and history of the island. In the Condaghe of San Pietro di Silki, CSPS, 11th, 13th century, the maiores de janna (kita) are mentioned at 205 and 367: the maiores were in charge of a municipal administration: the maiore de janna was a head of a kita (team of armed men) at the entrance of a "villa" (village). In the Condaghe of San Nicola di Trullas, CSNT, 11th, 13th century to 186: .testes Petru de Monte, maiore de ianna.The voice is present in the Carta de Logu in the outputs ianna, gianna and genna. As a surname we find it among the signatories of the Peace of Eleonora, LPDE, of 1388: Enna (de) Joanne, majore (administrator of justice - mayor) ville Pardu (* Pardu.distrutto: Pardu - Partis de Montibus). In the Condaghe of Santa Maria di Bonarcado, CSMB, 11th, 13th century the surname appears with the exit Enna and Ianna or Ienna, (the latter, sometimes in the same chapter and referring to the same person); in chapter 181 there is a whole "Enna" family, in a donation to Santa Maria; it is a lineage of noble origins: Conversaitisi (conversaresi or cumbersaresi = to converge, to join a religious community) donnu Samaridanu de Enna to Sancta Maria de Bonarcadu et dait sa parzone sua de su saltu de s'Alama, c'aviat cun Goantine su frate et cun Maria knows sorre. (he is affiliated "donnu" Samaridanu de Enna to Santa Maria di Bonarcado and donated his part of the land of "Alama", who had with Costantino his brother and with Maria the sister.); de Ianna Argentata, daughter of Furatu; de Ianna (or de Ienna) Furatu, married to Alaberta Carru (75) (in a division of serfs between the church of Santa Maria and the giudiced'Arborea): coiuvedi Furadu de Ienna cun Alaberta Carru. Fegerunt II fiios: Silvered with clesia and Olisae with iudice; de Ienna Goantine, curator of Parte Milis (24, 172, 178), heads in a dispute, between the prior of Bonarcado Nicolaus and Guantine Formiga, for the possession of the land. We also remember that Genna is the name of an ancient town, which disappeared. In the medieval period it belonged to the Curadorìa of Bonorzuli, in the Giudicato of Arborea; belonged to the diocese of Terralba, today Ales - Terralba.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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