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Heraldic Search Last name: VERDONI

Nobles: France (Picardie)
Nobility: Famille Noble - Chevaliers - Seigneurs
Language of the text: Français

Nobles: España (Jerez De La Frontera)
Nobility: Señores - Caballeros - Familia Noble
Language of the text: Español

Nobles: Italia
Nobility: Nobili
Language of the text: Italiano

Nobles: France (Forez)
Nobility: Famille Noble - Chevaliers - Seigneurs
Language of the text: Français

Nobles: Deutschland
Nobility: Adelsfamilie - Ritter
Language of the text: Deutsch

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Green should be typical of the Neapolitan and Casertano, with possible secondary strains in Puglia and Sicily, Verdelli has a strain between the Cremonese and the Bergamo and one in Aretino, Verdi has a strain between Milanese and Pavese, one in Emilia and one Florentine, Verdina has a Strain in the Varese and small strains scattered in Lombardy, Tuscany and Sicily, Verdini is well diffused in the Marche and in the Roman, Verdino is more typically Campano, with a strain also in Liguria, Verdolin is decidedly Veronese, Verdolini has a strain in the area of Provinces of Ancona, Macerata and Perugia, with a strain also in Rome, Verdolino, quite rare, is the Neapolitan, Verdona, extremely rare, seems of the Genoese, Verdone is typical of the area that includes the Roman, the Latinense, the Frusinate, the Caserta and the Neapolitan, with a stump also in the Palermitano, Verdoni, quite rare, seems Romano, Verducci is typical of Marche, Umbria and Romano, with a small strain also in Salento, derive all, directly or through hypochoral or Accreitive forms, by nicknames Linked to the color green, there is also the possibility that derive from the name Lombard Vert, derived form for Betacismo named Bert. Additions provided by Stefano Ferrazzi The origin of these surnames, in fact, should be sought in the medieval green name, i.e. the italianization of Germanic staff Bert, with the literal meaning of shining and, broadly, illustrious (it is a Variant of the name Berto): From the etymological point of view, the adaptation in Green is influenced by a combination with the green noun, due both to the phenomenon of betacism (substitution of B-with V-) and to the phenomenon of tetacism (substitution of the-t-with-D-). Historically, however, traces of the green name are found in Siena during the 1200, with characters such as Gargonsino Green, widow of Tybalt, green of the Fu Guido di Petrignori and Verde, wife of Bifolco of Bandino. As for the last names in question, therefore, these are the cognominizations of the personal name of the parent, although in some cases is not excluded a derivation from nicknames attributed to them (in connection with the color green). Additions provided by Giovanni Vezzelli Verde is one of the few color names of Latin origin. In fact it comes from Lat. ' Viride (M) ' in its popular outcome ' Virdem '.

Bibliographic source' "L'origine dei cognomi Italianim storia ed etimologia" di E. Rossoni disponibile online su: https://archive.org/

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