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Cookie Policy

Cookies consist of portions of code installed in the browser that assist the Owner in providing the Service according to the purposes described. Some of the purposes for which Cookies are installed may also require the User's consent.

Where the installation of Cookies is based on consent, such consent can be freely withdrawn at any time following the instructions provided in this document.

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Technical Cookies and Cookies serving aggregated statistical purposes

  1. Activity strictly necessary for the functioning of the Service. This Application uses Cookies to save the User's session and to carry out other activities that are strictly necessary for the operation of this Application, for example in relation to the distribution of traffic or shopping in our webstore.
  2. Activity regarding the saving of preferences, optimization, and statistics. This Application uses Cookies to save browsing preferences and to optimize the User's browsing experience. Among these Cookies are, for example, those used for the setting of language and currency preferences or for the management of first party statistics employed directly by the Owner of the site.

Other types of Cookies or third parties that install Cookies

Some of the services listed below collect statistics in an anonymized and aggregated form and may not require the consent of the User or may be managed directly by the Owner - depending on how they are described - without the help of third parties.

If any third party operated services are listed among the tools below, these may be used to track Users' browsing habits – in addition to the information specified herein and without the Owner's knowledge.

  1. Google Analytics G4 (Google Inc.). Google uses cookies to track visitors on this web site and Google will record activities of visitors in full compliance with current privacy laws. The link to google privacy policy is: https://www.google.com/intl/it_ALL/analytics/learn/privacy.html
  2. Google Adsense (Google Inc.). Google uses cookies to serve ads on the site, and that Google will adapt the ads based on visitors and members browsing other sites. The link to google privacy policy is: https://policies.google.com/privacy
  3. Facebook. It is an application that uses cookies to manage the preferences of its members. The link to privacy is: https://www.facebook.com/help/325807937506242
  4. MGID Ads. MGID uses cookies to serve ads on the site, and that MGID will adapt the ads based on visitors and members browsing other sites. The link to MGID privacy policy is: https://www.mgid.com/privacy-policy

NOTE: The applications listed above are part of very large networks with various domains and advertising agencies so cookies may also have a different domain.

How to provide or withdraw consent to the installation of Cookies

In addition to what is specified in this document, the User can manage preferences for Cookies directly from within their own browser and prevent – for example – third parties from installing Cookies.

Through browser preferences, it is also possible to delete Cookies installed in the past, including the Cookies that may have saved the initial consent for the installation of Cookies by this website.

Users can, for example, find information about how to manage Cookies in the most commonly used browsers at the following addresses: Google ChromeMozilla FirefoxApple Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer/Edge.

With regard to Cookies installed by third parties, Users can manage their preferences and withdrawal of their consent by clicking the related opt-out link (if provided), by using the means provided in the third party's privacy policy, or by contacting the third party.

Notwithstanding the above, the Owner informs that Users may follow the instructions provided on the subsequently linked initiatives by the EDAA (EU), the Network Advertising Initiative (US) and the Digital Advertising Alliance (US), DAAC (Canada), DDAI (Japan) or other similar services. Such initiatives allow Users to select their tracking preferences for most of the advertising tools. The Owner thus recommends that Users make use of these resources in addition to the information provided in this document.

Owner and Data Controller


Owner contact email: info@heraldrysinstitute.com

Since the installation of third-party Cookies and other tracking systems through the services used within this Application cannot be technically controlled by the Owner, any specific references to Cookies and tracking systems installed by third parties are to be considered indicative. In order to obtain complete information, the User is kindly requested to consult the privacy policy for the respective third-party services listed in this document.

Given the objective complexity surrounding the identification of technologies based on Cookies, Users are encouraged to contact the Owner should they wish to receive any further information on the use of Cookies by this Application.


The Registration Data and any other information, directly or indirectly, to a specific user, is collected and used in accordance with Legislative Decree 196/2003 ( "Code concerning the protection of personal data") and Privacy Policy of Heraldrys, always available at the http://www.heraldrysinstitute.com/tos/.
According to the purposes of Article 13 of the Code on Personal Data Protection Heraldrys announced that:

1. The Registration Data provided by Users are collected and used by Heraldrys, including instruments and systems, for the following purposes: (i) aims directly connected to the equipment and management of the Service, in accordance with these TOS, ( ii) market statistical purposes, and, having received the consent to us: (iii) commercial information, marketing and market research, sending of advertising material for products and services Heraldrys Italy advertisers or third-party advertising, (iv) recognition of the quality of services and degree of satisfaction of users, carried out either directly or through the collaboration of specialized companies. In view of Heraldrys of belonging to an international group, and for reasons linked to the central group-level activities and / or instrumental to the management of the Service, some personal data may be stored in electronic media at other group companies Heraldrys for the same purpose. In addition, make Heraldrys, having received the consent by you, an automatic monitoring of your profile navigation through the use of cookies and other technologies, in order: a) improve the quality of services as needed known by the user in general, b) to identify services and business information to more members preferences and cut on personal tastes of each user, c) to prevent users the indiscriminate display of advertisements for products and / or services unrelated to their interests personal.

2.The conferment of data is optional. Though not providing, even partial, of the data is specifically mentioned as necessary for the purposes referred to in paragraph 1, lett. (i) the inability to determine Heraldrys to proceed to the Service. The non-submittal of the data is not expressly indicated as necessary for the purpose referred to in paragraph 1, lett. (i) will not determine the Service. The provision of consent to the collection of personal data relating to navigation, effected through the use of cookies or other technologies, is free and optional. However, its lack of this party, it is impossible to determine Heraldrys to proceed to the services for which registration is required.

3. Some data may be communicated by Heraldrys, for all purposes listed in paragraph 1 to other group companies or third parties Heraldrys, responsible for carrying out activities directly related and instrumental to the development and distribution of services and - with the consent User - a third-party companies that offer goods and services on the Internet, with Heraldrys which has entered into commercial agreements or partnerships designed to facilitate the dissemination and distribution of the Service or to provide new services. Events or special events such as contests or prize operations, some personal information which has acceded to these events will be disseminated through publication on the websites Heraldrys. In view of Heraldrys of belonging to an international group, and organizational requirements related to the central group-level activities and / or instrumental to the management of the Service, some personal information of Users will be made available abroad, in countries belonging to the European Union and, in particular in Great Britain and the United States of America. Target Communications and transfers will work on group Heraldrys, which use the data for the same purpose for which Heraldrys has collected such data.

4. Holder of the treatment is Heraldrys Institute c/o Santacroce via Cinquevie 45 - 58018 - Pieve a Nievole (PT) Italia. The full list of those responsible for treatment and the third party owner of treatments related to the self offered by Heraldrys can be known easily and for free to ask direct Heraldrys, the data processor.

5. Article 7 of the Code on Personal Data Protection provides you with the ability to exercise certain rights, including those obtained by the Holder of the treatment confirmation of the existence of their personal data and their availability in an intelligible form, to have knowledge of data, and the logic and purposes upon which the treatment, to obtain cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of data treated in violation of the law, and l ' updating, rectification or, where interested therein, integration of data, to oppose the treatment, for legitimate reasons, or to challenge, at all times, the treatments aimed at marketing to the commercial information [the text of art. 7 states: ... the processing of data relating to him for the purpose of sending advertising materials or direct selling or for carrying out market research]. To enforce these rights, you may write directly to Heraldrys.

5.A - Genalogical informations

When a User and/or Customer submits personal data, such as genalogical informations, to be included in heraldic research, he also authorizes us to publish it on the website, the User and or Customer assumes all the responsibility for any consequences or rewards resulting from the publication of the same. To request the deletion of the published data, it is sufficient to contact customer support who will comply with the requirements. We strongly reccomend to do not ask the publication of recent genealogical data in the heraldic search.

Terms of Service

1 - Time of delivery

Generally all orders are shipped within 7 to 10 days from the order. If some goods ordered are not immediately available you will be contacted by our customer service department to find alternative arrangement or deferred deliveries. For delivery we use the postal service of Poste Italiane SpA Therefore we can not agree on the detailed delivery times. Delivery times are to be considered indicative and not binding so that in every case of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances Herald Research srl shall not be liable for delay of delivery.

2 - Right of withdrawal for articles produced on request or customized

The ordering of goods made at the express request of customized products and can not be regarded as "mail order" under the law regulating sales away from business premises and therefore falls outside the scope of that law. This excludes the possibility of withdrawal. We strongly suggest so ask a free heraldry preview before placing orders to get a clear idea about heraldic text, references and coat of arms.

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3 - Origins of Surname and Heraldic Document

Heraldic documents do not constitute attribution of a noble title and they do not attribute kinship relationships between homonymous surnames; the Coat-of-Arms provided or mentioned are awarded to the same family name as noted or variant. Display the Coat-of-Arms or this document with family pride as a work of art. A Heraldic Document is not a genealogical research. Origin of the surname means a text related to that particular surname from the format, but not limited to, sections of ancient and modern books and magazines, news archives in arms, free interpretations of historians, scholars or students; Herald is working diligently to provide the best information available but does not respond in any way the authenticity of the same. An origin of surname does not guarantee any relationship of kinship or genealogy.

4 - Heraldry Laws

In certain countries, law of Heraldry are still enforced. To display these arms in public check with the government body. We do not represent that this is a genalogical search.

By accepting these terms, you also grant Heraldrys collection, communication and transfer of their personal data, subject to the limits and for the purposes indicated in this Privacy Statement.

Email Policy

The emails sent through the forms are used only to answer the requested questions, if the reply we send requires an action by the applicant we will send the email 3 more times after which we will delete it. Each email that we send contains a link to the cancellation that can also be made directly in our website on this page


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