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Vieira (Portugal) Cavaleiros - Senhores - NobresVieira (España - Portugal) Señores - Familia NobleVieira (Portugal - Spain) Nobles - Lords - KnightsVieites (España) Señores - Caballeros - Familia NobleVieitis (España - Cataluña) Señores - Caballeros - Familia NobleVieitiz (España - Cataluña) Señores - Caballeros - Familia NobleVieja (España - Beja (Salamanca)) Señores - Caballeros - Familia NobleViejo (España - Ajo (Santander)) Señores - Caballeros - Familia NobleViejobueno (España - Cataluña) Señores - Caballeros - Familia NobleViejolosa (España - Cataluña) Señores - Caballeros - Familia NobleViekenbach (Deutschland) Adelsfamilie - Ritter

Origine del cognome Vieira, provenienza: Portugal - Spain

Nobiltà: Nobles - Lords - Knights
Traccia araldica della famiglia: Vieira
Ordina adesso il Tuo Documento Araldico
Corona nobiliare Vieira
Ancient and noble Portuguese family, originally from Galicia, of clear and ancestral virtue, that has worldwide spread, over the centuries. The clear nobility of the family is confirmed by its presence in the valuable work "Armorial Lusitano - Anuário da Nobreza de Portugal". This family split into different branches: the Vieira of Minho and the Vieira of Leiria. Another branch of the family moved to Spain with a Don José Vieira y Clavijo, born on December 28, 1731, who dedicated himself to the ecclesiastical career. He devoted himself to the study of European history and, encouraged by the famous gathering of the Marquis of Villanueva del Prado, he wrote in La Laguna the first volume of his "News on the general history of the Canary Islands". He moved to Madrid with the honorary position of preceptor of the son of the Marquis of Santa Cruz; published there his work that ...
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Stemma della famiglia: Vieira

Ordina adesso il Tuo Stemma Nobiliare
Stemma  della famiglia Vieira

1 Blasone della famiglia Vieira

Source: "Armorial Lusitano - Anuário da Nobreza de Portugal".

Gules, three escallops or 2,2 and 2. Crest: an escallop of the shield on two pilgrim staffs per saltire or and gules.

Ordina la ricerca professionale araldica storica dell'origine del Tuo Cognome con il Titolo Nobiliare e lo stemma.

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