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Image of the heraldic term: Leone
without any specification it is placed in the "rampant" position, facing the right of the shield, with all the legs in a different position, with the tail folded on its back and the tassel curved on the outside; if in this position the head looks towards the left of the shield it is said "rear-facing", if it is all turned towards the left it is said "facing", if the head looks in front it is said "concerning"; it can also be placed in profile, standing on all four legs ("standing"), in the act of walking and with the head in profile ("leopard"), sitting on the hind legs ("sitting"), coming out with the upper part of the body from a partition or piece ("nascent") or outgoing with the vertical half of the body ("outgoing"); only the head in profile can be represented. If the tongue is of different enamel it is said "lampassato di ...", if the claws are, "armed with ...". A lion of small size or number, it is called "lion".
Images taken from the valuable work "Raccolta Ceramelli Papiani"